Superbike champ reaps the rewards of WiFi

This year, we backed British Superbike champ, Ryan Vickers by supplying him with our 5G Ready Compact+ Built in WiFi system, keeping him connected across all corners of the UK while touring the circuits in his Auto-Trail F-Line 74. Motorhome WiFi is a factory fitted option across all Auto-Trail models as well as being standard fitment on the Frontier range. 

Having been in the BSB premier class for three years now, his successful streak has continued, with a positive 2021 under his belt. Ryan sat down with us to talk about the advantages of touring in a motorhome and his former wi-fi woes…



Why did you choose a motorhome to travel around the circuits?

It’s really the best way. It affords me better access to the race circuits and lots of flexibility while I’m touring. I like to take my bikes with me when I travel, my push bike and my moped and thanks to the raised fixed bed in the Auto-Trail F-Line 74, there is room in the garage underneath to store both of these easily. It’s also really simple to get the awning out in the summer and transform the feel of your motorhome – it’s a real home from home for me.



Did you have connectivity problems in your motorhome previously?

Before using the in-built system, I mainly used my phone to get a 4G connection but it was always temperamental. Often staying in campsites out in the sticks and wi-fi black spots, I had to wait ages for a connection which was frustrating. Not only this but at a typical race, there are around 60,000 or 70,000 fans, which is great for the atmosphere but not so much for getting a signal when everyone is trying to get 4G at the same time. Again, having the wi-fi ‘at home’ in my motorhome took the inconvenience of this away.



What was the most useful aspect of having reliable wi-fi?

One of the main benefits was being able to access the TSL training – an online platform which publishes speed, circuit, lap time, and finishing positions following a race. I couldn’t get reliable access to this before with just 4G but now I can log in and out with confidence knowing I will get the most up-to-date results.

Are there any hidden benefits of the wi-fi system that people don’t know about?

I think one of the surprising but pleasing advantages that people may not know about is the fact that the system is tucked away really neatly, with no wires or anything unsightly on display. It’s hidden away in a cupboard and you can simply forget about it. The best wi-fi is one you don’t have to think about! You also don’t need lots of space for it, the antenna goes through the roof so there is not lots of room taken up inside. Having wi-fi was also great for my pre and post-race routines. Knowing I would have no problems accessing music and watching Netflix to help me gear up or wind down after a busy day was great.



Did you get the support you needed from the Motorhome Wi-Fi team?

Because the system is so easy to use, it’s basically ‘plug and play’ so I didn’t really need lots of support. But before I used the system Adam came along to double check everything was in working order before I hit the road. The team are really knowledgeable about everything connectivity, so I always knew if I had a problem, they would be really responsive.



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