Case Study – Erwin Hymer Centre Travelworld

Supporting a leading motorhome dealership with essential WiFi solutions


Motorhome WiFi spoke with one of the top flagship motorhome dealerships in the UK about their partnership and how WiFi products benefit their customers.


When did you start working with Motorhome Wi-Fi?

We first started working with Motorhome WiFi in January 2020.


What prompted the partnership?

We were aware of the future progression of 5G and needed advanced WiFi options for our prestige motorhome customers. We found that it was only Motorhome WiFi that were able to offer a comprehensive solution.


How have they helped you on an ongoing basis?

As a family-owned company, Motorhome WiFi are always conscious of maintaining their industry reputation, and provide as much ongoing information as possible to both our staff and to our customers. From sales literature and vehicle stickers to website banners, they regularly encourage us to receive more in order to sell more products and increase end users’ product knowledge. Not only that, but the team are always happy to assist with technical issues via their dedicated phone line for our staff and customers.



What do you think of their products and support/ training?

Motorhome WiFi deliver excellent products and training, they are that good that I have purchased one personally for my own caravan! If Motorhome WiFi were not excellent value and quality, EHCT wouldn’t be offering them to our customers.



How have customers responded to your WiFi offerings? 

Lots of customers have purchased them, instead of more expensive alternatives that don’t offer anything like the same flexibility of uses as Motorhome WiFi’s products.


What does staying connected mean to your customers?

Before contacting Motorhome WiFi, EHCT saw a decline in the satellite system market and we realised customers were switching to internet streaming services, so it was important for us to be able to offer our customers the very latest quality equipment at the best possible price.


What kind of results have you experienced since working with Motorhome Wi-Fi?

We have had fantastic results! Customers love the price and we’ve sold lots of units to motorhome customers.


Erwin Hymer Centre Travelworld –


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