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4G Smart Antenna

  • Our best value 4G antenna packages
  • Proven 4G Performance
  • Available for DIY installation
  • Available for professional installation
  • Range of installation accessories
  • 2 Router Options Available
Ideal for:  Weekend travel, families, those who want better connectivity

5G PRO Antenna

  • Our latest 5G Ready antenna packages
  • Up to 20% better 4G performance
  • Available for professional installation
  • Fitted by Auto-Sleepers, Auto-Trail and Swift
  • Range of installation accessories
  • 4 Router Options Available
Ideal for: Off grid use, heavy users, professionals, business use

Compare Technical Specifications

3G CompatibleYesYes
4G CompatibleYesYes
5G CompatibleNoYes
Water Ingress RatingIP66IP66K
Peak Gain without Ground Plane698-960MHz: 2.5dBi / 1710-2700MHz: 5dBi698-960MHz: 3dBi / 1710-2700MHz: 6dBi / 2700Mhz-3800MHz: 7dBi / 4900-6000MHz: 8dBi
Peak Gain with Ground PlaneN/A698-960MHz: 6dBi / 1710-2700MHz: 8.5dBi / 2700-3800MHz: 9.5dBi / 4900-600MHz: 10dBi
Ground Plane IndependentYesYes
Can benefit from a Ground Plane if fitted to a metal roofNoYes
Cable Length30cm80cm
ColourWhite or BlackWhite or Black
Dimensions62 x 170mm75 x 180mm
Optional Fitting MethodsYesYes
Select 4G SmartSelect 5G Pro

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