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Motorhome WiFi has revealed a new package that secures users’ ability to access 4G and 5G connection for those requiring reliable internet access whilst touring.

The Yorkshire-based company uses its superior Category 22 router in the new 5G Now Compact Pro package, which has everything needed to ensure connectivity, including the router, docking station and roof-mounted antenna.

The Category 22 router offers 5G connection that rivals that of even the latest smartphones. It is capable of establishing up to seven simultaneous download and three upload connections, while being more cost-effective than other routers on the market. It is ideal for two or more users for essential business use or just for streaming TV into a motorhome in any rural or remote location in the UK. “People often think that it is purely the strength of the signal that is the key factor in WiFi coverage but it isn’t, it’s actually about out-competing the number of other devices in the area that are also trying to access it,” explains Motorhome WiFi Director, Adam Blacklin. “This is where the Category 22 router really comes into its own, securing that connection for you over and above the demands of others.” He says the router enables lightning download speeds for up to 32 devices and one wired device.

It promises the fastest possible 4G and 5G speeds

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