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Kinging-It is a successful travel movement sharing authentic travelling content with over 90K YouTube subscribers and tens of thousands of Instagram and Facebook followers. Through its quirky content, founders, Aimee and Craig reveal the no-frills and thrills of their journeys, from their home turf in Wales to more far-flung destinations.

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Organising Zoom calls with the brands they work with, uploading content and communicating with their audience on a daily basis means staying connected is a staple in everything Kinging-It does. Recently installing a new Motorhome Wi-Fi 5G Ready System, Aimee and Craig tell us about going all out for a glimpse of some Highland cows, what internet means to them and how they found installing their own wi-fi system.


Custard and cows but no connection

Aimee recalls their first ever trip without motorhome wi-fi when they were tethering off their phones for data. They were visiting Hushinish beach on the island of Lewis and Harris in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. Eager to view the famous Highland cows known to frequent the area, they connected their converted Mercedes Vario van ‘Custard’ to a free hook-up spot just up from the beach. Aimee says: “We were so excited to catch a glimpse of the cows, and had been travelling for so long with no sign. Then we found this little spot and thought ‘great – this is it!’”

Wanting to spend the night admiring the cows and obtaining some fabulous images for their social media feeds, as well as uploading their regular Sunday evening YouTube content, disaster struck when they simply couldn’t get signal. Aimee says: “We love putting out varied content for our audience, and were excited to be sharing some images of these beautiful creatures – we did go back the next day to snap some but it ended up being quite an inconvenience at the time! It really reminded us how critical connectivity was for running things smoothly.”



5G to the rescue!

First discovering Motorhome Wi-Fi through fellow travelling duo, Theo and Bee from the Indie Projects, Aimee and Craig installed the new 5G Ready System in their beloved ‘Custard’ which they had previously renovated themselves in an impressive six weeks ahead of a trip to Europe in the summer of 2019.

Craig says: “We were surprised how smoothly the installation went, we did it ourselves and we are not known for our technical DIY skills, so we were pretty proud of getting the job done! It goes to show that installation isn’t something to be concerned about if you are thinking of putting in a new wi-fi system yourself.”

Craig adds that the signal they’ve received so far has made an incredible difference to their travel and work: “We always try to find the most beautiful and remote spots to park up in our van, having the new 5G system means there’s no more compromises on this, we can hunt down unique spots more freely and rest safe in the knowledge we have the our wi-fi router and antenna onboard.”



Door step destinations

With plans for exotic locations more limited this year, the Kinging-It couple are looking to the UK for their travels, but make it clear they won’t be slowing down anytime soon – and neither will their wi-fi.

Craig says: “The faster the internet connection the better for us, 5G is up to 100 times quicker than 4G, so it’s something we will be using from here on out. Motorhoming for travel and work is becoming hugely popular, especially given the ‘travel rules’ for this year, so having a robust system like Motorhome Wi-Fi’s products really are essential.

“Staycations will hopefully become more of a popular travel option as a whole in the future, we have so much to offer here in the UK – the pandemic has definitely shown us that.”



If you’d like to stay in touch with Aimee and Craig’s travels, you can discover more on their website: WWW.KINGING-IT.COM

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