New Product Launch – 5G Ready Compact+

Our 5G Ready packages, now twice as fast with carrier aggregation technology as standard

Carrier aggregation creates multiple, simultaneous connections to the mobile network meaning increased speed and capacity. This technology is not just about achieving the speeds you expect, but providing a more reliable connection and combating network congestion. 

Most smartphones are now Category (CAT) 6 or above so for 2022, all of our 5G Ready and 5G Now packages offer the same advanced technology. 



5G Antenna

Motorhome WiFi’s future proof 5G Ready Antenna offers advanced design and construction with patented technology and is highly effective at receiving weak 4G signals.

As well as being ground plane independent, it is still able to benefit from a ground plane where available. The 5G antenna has a new sealing skirt which offers an extra level of weatherproofing when fully compressed.

It also has some market leading certifications including IP69K and IK10 meaning it can withstand a hot pressure washer and can withstand 5KG weight at 40cm.

At just 75mm high (2.9”) the roof antenna sits lower than your skylights. The underside consists of a non-permeable 3M adhesive foam pad and an adjustable threaded internal brace, through which the cables travel into the cabin, for a totally weatherproof installation.

Once the antenna is fitted, there is no need for any additional sikaflex or adhesive sealant, the product is totally self-sealing.


Ideal for: 2 or more concurrent users, leisure & business use, up to 8m vehicles

The compact+ router is mounted discreetly on the wall-mounted docking station. Located inside a cupboard or locker, this provides WiFi throughout your vehicle for use stationary or in motion.

Choose to manage the device via the simple on-screen display, or download a free app onto your phone or tablet to access data management tools, change passwords or even turn off before bed.

  • Compatibility: 2G/3G/4G/4G+
  • Vehicle or Portable Use
  • Quick Mount Docking Station
  • CAT 6 – 300Mbps Download / 50Mbps Upload
  • 4G LTE+ with Carrier Aggregation
  • 16 Wireless Devices
  • 25-50m WiFi Range
  • On-Screen Display
  • WiFi Repeater Mode
  • Easy to use smart phone app


The fastest routers in the leisure market

We offer CAT 4 4G, CAT 6 4G+, CAT 7 4G+ and CAT 22 5G routers – all other products presently marketed towards the leisure market are CAT 4.

Motorhome WiFi remains dedicated to offering our customers the leading solutions in the leisure market, providing a choice of product according to usage requirements. The team continues to offer lifetime support and expert advice via phone and email.


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