When will you make the jump to 5G? 

When will you make the jump to 5G? 



If you are thinking about changing vans in 2021 or just looking for a better way of keeping connected whilst on the road, what are the main considerations when choosing your Built in WiFi system.

Motorhome and caravan manufacturers are now in full swing building their impressive new 2021 vans, some of which you will find now come with a 5G Ready Built in WiFi system from Motorhome WiFi.


So why 5G?

5G has been primarily released to improve throughput and capacity in built up areas such as cities, large towns, stadiums and such like. 

4G frequencies often run at maximum capacity and become oversubscribed at peak times. 

5G will be gradually rolled out across the more rural areas over the next couple of years, meaning not only city dwellers will be able to utilise the faster speeds. Up until now, 5G has existed in in 3.4-3.8GHz frequency meaning it has relatively short range from the mast. In 2021, an auction will take place for long range 5G in the 700Mhz spectrum and by 2022 operators will be allowed to re-purpose other 4G frequencies to use for 5G. It will become much more prevalent in the coming years, so its worth considering if you want an antenna which is ‘5G Ready’ to take advantage.


How does it work?

Motorhome WiFi’s new 5G antenna benefits from a 20% greater peak gain (the technical term for a stronger signal) across the 4G spectrum whilst also being fully compatible with all 5G bands.

The advanced antenna design and construction with patented technology is highly effective at receiving weak 3G and 4G signals using future proof technology. The antenna has a long list of accreditations such as being IK10 impact resistant and vandal proof along with being independently tested and certified to the highest water ingress rating of IP69K, thanks to its new sealing skirt.


Enough with the technical talk – what do I need?

We have a range of 5G Ready Built in WiFi systems to choose from which can be installed by your supplying dealer or fitted aftermarket by one of our approved accessory installers. We are also happy to give further advice on the best UK and European SIM cards which range from 12 month plans to simple, cost effective Pay-As-You-Go options with no contract commitment or cancellation terms. See our SIM card section for more information. 

Getting you an internet connection in your motorhome or caravan is what we do best. Built in WiFi is straightforward and affordable; let us guide you through this process to get up and running.

Why not try out our new product configurator to get the best solution for you and your ‘van. 

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