Smarty SIM Card

All of our systems are supplied with a Smarty SIM card as standard


Smarty offers three data plans which run for 30 days from date of activation. You can choose if these plans automatically renew on their anniversary date, like a contract, or if the SIM pauses requiring you to purchase another data plan at a later stage, like Pay As You Go.



If you choose automatic renewal, you can amend the plan that renews at any point until the day of renewal. If you choose not to renew automatically, then the SIM will remain dormant for up to 6 months.

The Smarty SIM card requires activation and will display ‘No Service’ until it has been registered, so you will need to have access to an alternative internet connection. In order to activate, you will be asked to purchase a data plan which will start on the day of activation and run for 30 days.


Activating the SIM –

Visit and enter your 19 digit SIM number found on the packaging or on the SIM itself if the packaging has been discarded. Select the plan you want to buy; we recommend choosing the Unlimited data plan for the first time in order to get a feel for how much data you might need. Provide your address and payment details, that’s it! Your SIM card will be activated as soon as possible.

Smarty (run by Three) does not necessarily represent the best coverage but does represent good value for the UK. Typically, EE offers the best UK coverage in rural and remote location, followed by Vodafone.


Roaming in Europe

If you are travelling in Europe there is a 12GB fair usage cap per month. Smarty is likely to enforce a fair usage policy of 2 months use in Europe. You could consider an alternative SIM or take a second Smarty SIM with you.

If you are using the Smarty SIM outside the UK you will need to manually enter an APN. Further details on how to do this is covered in your supplied operating instructions.


If you did not receive a Smarty SIM card or would like to request a new SIM, please complete the form below and the team will post one out:

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