Proving connectivity results at Icelandic dealership

In the second of our case studies, we spoke to Icelandic caravan dealership, Vikurverk on the surprising way they decided to work with us as their wi-fi partners.

Tell us a bit about you:

We are a 17-year-old family-owned company specialising in the sale, hire and service of new and used caravans, motorhomes, trailers, we also specialise in caravan accessories.



When did you first start working with Motorhome Wi-Fi?

About two years ago.

How has your business changed during COVID?

We used to service our customers predominantly in the summer, but since the pandemic we have started operating all year round. Because travel was so restricted, we started to see a rise in younger peoples’ interest in motorhome and caravan excursions on home soil. We had already noticed that our customers increasingly wanted to stay connected while on holiday, for a whole host of reasons.­

What prompted your partnership with Motorhome Wi-Fi?

Our initial work with Motorhome Wi-Fi began after our former Purchase and Marketing manager, Jóhannes decided to go on a trip in his motorhome to Europe, visiting countries including Italy, Spain and France. He realised that while away he would want to feel as safe as possible while travelling, be able to stay connected with friends, do work when he needed to and stay entertained with access to on-demand TV. To have all this, he knew he would need a solid and reliable wi-fi system.

How did this extend to Vikur Verk working with Motorhome Wi-Fi?

Because Jo had worked in the industry for so long and knew the specific needs of customers, he suggested to the team that they adopt the system if his wi-fi trial run was successful. Everyone agreed and needless to say, the trip was a resounding success with coverage achieved in many far-flung locations across Europe. We are now delighted that we can offer built in wi-fi systems to customers and can back up what we say about the system with our own experiences.



How do your customers view the importance on wi-fi while travelling?

Our aim is to offer our customers as many services as possible and wi-fi is an ongoing need in the industry that we only see expanding. Some of our customers fed back that their teenage grandchildren were not able to get online while away and were bored without wi-fi – it had become essential to have it for future trips.

Have you enjoyed working with Motorhome Wi-Fi?

We have always found the team at Motorhome Wi-Fi to be knowledgeable and helpful. We would definitely recommend them!


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