Land Roamers

Land Roamers

Anthony & Becky – Vanlife, travel & photography in a 4×4 Mercedes Vario.

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Hello, we are Anthony & Becky and our mission is to travel far and wide, experiencing the beautiful and diverse landscapes this world has to offer in our 4×4 Mercedes Vario camper, affectionately known as “Big Red.”

Tell us about your home on the road. What sort of vehicle do you have, what are its best features and what sort of lifestyle does it enable you to have?

Our camper is a Mercedes Vario 814 4×4. It’s best features are it’s weight limit and it’s 4WD capabilities. Being 7.5 tonnes it has a super strong chassis which means we can load it up with everything we need and head off road. We built our camper interior from scratch to include everything we would need to be sustainable off grid – the fridge freezer, cooker, water tank, diesel heater, hot shower and compostable toilet allow us to live a minimalist and less impactful lifestyle while travelling.

Having good quality internet makes our adventures run so much smoother. Whether the internet is used for updating our Instagram account, booking a ferry in advance, checking our bank account or researching places to visit, it is an important tool to use while part of travelling. We spend a lot of time out in the wild when we travel, so before we had built in WiFi, we denitely ended up spending more money and time on campsites to gain internet access. The beauty of having WiFi in the van is you get the best of both worlds. You can watch the sunset in a beautiful location then climb back into the camper and watch Netix in bed.

The most unexpected time we received a connection was in the highlands of Iceland on the F26. This route is desolate, wild and uninhabited, and passes through the very heart of the country. We had some large rivers to cross en route and as we set off in the hope that we had enough fuel to make the 232k journey from one side of the country to the other, we were soon comforted and surprised by our Motorhome WiFi antenna.. which kept signal the whole time!

Would you like to share any comments about the advice or service given by the team at Motorhome WiFi?

Adam and Sophie have so much knowledge about their products and internet providers across Europe. Their advice and service is always spot on and they work hard to keep their products up to date. We have used their products for a few years now and love how easy they are to use.

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