Reaction to Governments Announcement on Huawei

Motorhome WiFi – Reaction to Governments Announcement on Huawei

Motorhome WiFi have had a long standing relationship with Huawei and its range of consumer MiFi devices and 4G routers.

Together we have kept tens of thousands of customers reliably connected in leisure vehicles across Europe for work, pleasure and streaming TV services.

Huawei produce what are in our experience the most reliable and easy to use devices on the market, this has allowed us to lead the way in leisure connectivity in partnership with our antenna and component manufacturers.

The governments announcement on 14th July was that by 2027 Huawei hardware must no longer form part of the UK’s ‘core’ 5G network. However, up to 35% of its periphery network can still contain Huawei products, so there is no outright ban.

In terms of consumers, mobile phone handsets and 3G/4G/5G routers remain unaffected and are in no way impacted by this announcement.


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