Roof Thread Extension

Roof Thread Extension

  • 40mm Roof Thread Extension
  • 140mm Roof Thread Extension

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Roof Thread Extension Kits suitable for all roof thicknesses

It’s worth noting that all of our 4G Smart and 5G Ready Products come with a 70mm roof thread extenion as standard which accomodates most motorhome, caravan and panel van conversions.

If you are converting your own panel van, you may wish to opt for the 40mm thread extension as this is more suited to a sheet metal installation

American RV’s and some coachbuilt motorhomes have thicker insulation and therefore generally require a longer thread extension to accomdate this.



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  • 40mm Thread Extension with slotted flat shake proof washers and split nut
  • 140mm Thread Extension with large lock nut and 3 self tapping screws

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