iBoost Pro D8
Purchased an iboost from www.motorhomewifi.com couple of weeks ago, this weekend was the first opportunity I had to use it, we were on a site that didn't have WiFi available, and my iphone and ipad were unable to receive a signal on their own, so set up the iboost, which following the instructions was easy to do, and I soon latched on to a BTopenzone signal, the signal wasn't particularly strong on the signal strength meter, but I had no problem connecting to the internet and pages loaded really fast, I then went on to watch both the qualifying and the race of the Moto GP streaming live via Btsport without any dropouts at all, in fact it was better than my wifi at home, all whilst my missus was watching something on catch up tv on her ipad. So first impression of this bit of kit were very favourable indeed, we will be off soon on a trip around Europe so hoping it will work as well there.
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