iBoost Pro D8
Anyone one who is interested in this, you need to get a Iboost set up from motor home wifi. Mr fisher put a link up for them last week, I gave Them a ring had a long chat about about the set up, and then purchased 1. Its now set up in our static van in France, we were on the edge of the site wifi set up and had very poor reception. Not any more ! very easy to set up, I found and locked onto the best signal I could get.we now get a speed of 4.9 Mbps compared to 0.9 that was available without the set up, the best bit is being able to connect all our devices, the wifi on site only allows 2 devices to connect. The iboost comes with a wireless router, so we can connect all our devices, we have sky TV set up down here and now i can use on demand. Brilliant bit of kit

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