iBoost Pro D8
iBoost Pro D8 Directional WiFi System. We are heavy internet users. In the UK that is not a problem as we  have an unlimited 3G data package which is shared via a hotspot from David’s phone. However using 3G data overseas is expensive. In France in particular, there are a lot of free WiFi points, especially using BT-FON  The iBoost Pro system will pick up WiFi from much greater distances than conventional external WiFi aerials which in themselves give a stronger signal than can be obtained by built in antennas in tablets, phones or laptops. The iBoost antenna can be used internally or externally as required. It is early days yet but it gives us more chance of publishing our website and Facebook blog plus we are able to watch UK television over the net when overnighting during the occasional  winter rainstorm in a French Aire. Fitted myself, supplied by Adam at  motorhomewifi.com.

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