Fitted Omni iBoost
Fitted the Iboost Omni with roof fitting about three months ago. Also signed up for the Fonera deal. I fitted the antenna so I could open the main roof vent and erect the antenna. It takes seconds unlock it, stand the antenna upright and lock it again. The Fonera access is great as I can now get free wifi anywhere there is a BT hotspot or Fon Hot spot. When you connect the Fonera access point to your router at home you create a Hotspot that anyone signed up to Fon or BT can access. The Iboost wireless router in the Motorhome works exactly like your WiFi system at home. Login and wander around if you are travelling with friends they can log in from their motorhome too. We have a strong signal 50m away The furthest hotspot we have connected to so far has been 2Km away.

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