iBoost Pro D8
Although we could pick up a signal from one of the several ‘transmitters’ located around the site, it was weak and kept dropping out, however, ‘Don’t Panic’, call in the Cavalry !! Namely the Motorhome WiFi ‘iBoost‘ that I had purchased. It took just a couple of minutes to get it out of its box and set it up, it found several device signals, as it should do, and I was able to select the one with the strongest signal and hey presto we were up and running through the wireless router in the van, absolutely brilliant, at last I had got the opportunity to check the system out for real. The other bonus was that, on this site at least, the receiver unit did not have to be stuck on to a window, it worked just as well sat on a shelf which meant that during the evening we could close the blinds and still use the Internet!!

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