How to setup an APN

How to setup an APN to allow you to use a UK SIM abroad


You may have heard of an APN but what does it mean? APN stands for Access Point Name which provides the information needed to connect to the internet. Basically, your APN defines your connectivity settings. Depending on the network, different settings are mandatory.

If you are using a main network operator such as EE, Vodafone, o2 or Three there is no need to manually setup an APN as this is an automatic process.

For any MVNO’s (mobile virtual network operator) such as Sky, GiffGaff, Smarty, Tesco’s to name a few, there will be an APN required which has to be entered into your router to make it work.

Please refer to your ‘Quick Start Guide‘ for the exact APN for your SIM card.


Here are the key points:

  • Please reset your router – keep the device powered on whilst you hold the reset pin for 10 seconds
  • Download the Huawei AI Life app
  • To use any SIM outside of the UK, you need to enable roaming on your router which can be done via the menu button on the top of your router (Compact & Compact+ models) or via the app (details below)
  • Most UK SIM cards are subject to a fair usage policy – please check your networks small print and terms and conditions before you travel


Turning on roaming and setting up an APN:

1.) Connect to the router via WiFi – if a popup screen loads press CANCEL > USE WITHOUT INTERNET to ensure you remain connected.

2.) Open the app, the default password is admin, if used previously try the WiFI password or one you have previously set. Failing that, reset the router and it will return to admin. If you have a Flex WiFi router, the admin password is displayed on the front of your bracket.

3.) Enable roaming under Show More > Advanced

4.) The example is shown with the APN for Smarty – please make sure you enter the correct APN settings for your specific network if not using Smarty. If you are unsure of this, please contact us. 

SHOW MORE > APN & press + SIGN top right.

Enter the following APN:

Name: Smarty
User/Pass <leave these blank>

After you have pressed save, you are now online – if it doesn’t work straight away, turn the device off and back on again.



Details correct as at December 2021

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