Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

What WiFi antenna is best for me, a Directional WiFi antenna or an Omni Directional?

A Directional antenna will almost always offer you the best range when compared with an Omni-Directional antenna. Quite what the difference in range might be will vary depending on location, but is likely to be around 10-15% less using the Omni-Directional.

However, many customers are happy to sacrifice a little range in exchange for an antenna which does not require any manual adjustment to set up.

What sort of range can I expect? Do I need line of sight?

Range is very difficult to quantify, because you only have control over your side of the connection. We deliberately try and set your expectations low, so that your experience of using your device will be a positive one overall and that is certainly the findings of the customers who have left us testimonials (see here).

We often get asked to put a figure on the range that can be expected, but the reality is in very location you use a WiFi booster it will perform differently. As a rule of thumb, a WiFi booster will give you around 10x the range that your device is able to achieve on its own. So instead of thinking distance – think if you can only get 5 meters from the WiFi source then you could only expect 50 meters with a booster. But if you can get 50 meters you could expect over 500 meters and so on. A absolute maximum would be 1.5km unless you are connecting over water or to a long range WiFi source.

Line of sight is not required but is certainly advantageous, since every obstacle you place between yourself and the source of the signal has the potential to decrease its range. It might be that you can position your antenna so its line of sight is less obstructed.

I have a Static Caravan, or Permanently Sited Touring Caravan – are your products suitable for me?

We ask that you contact us with some details about your site so that we can be sure that the system will work for you in your fixed location. We may offer a loan system for you to evaluate the suitability in your location without the risk of purchasing a system to find you are unable to get online.

I thought all WiFi connections were secured? Where will the internet be coming from?

If you are not intending on using a campsites WiFi provision, there are often other connections available. By increasing the range that you can receive a WiFi connection by 10x, you massively increase the number of connections available to you. In the UK or France the most common connection to see is a BTWiFi-with-FON or an SFR-with-FON which you could access for free – for more information see our article on FON.

Other sources of connection could be a Cafe or Bar who could provide you with a code in exchange for a drink, or a communal WiFi connection from a library or other public WiFi initiative. Occasionally you may find an unsecured connection which might be fine for some simple web browsing or trip planning.


I am travelling and need an internet connection every day, what is your advice?

A WiFi booster is not a guaranteed connection and so I would certainly expect there to be days during a trip where WiFi is not available either because you are simply out of range or that the campsite WiFi is down or otherwise unavailable. If you have a need for an internet connection every day, it would be sensible to have a back-up to WiFi in the form of a 4G device. Click here to view our range of 4G MiFi devices and antennas to increase your signal. 

I want to watch TV over the internet, are your WiFi systems suitable for this?

A WiFi booster will increase the quality of your internet connection which therefore may facilitate watching TV over the internet. However, we do not recommend our systems be purchased for the sole use of watching TV since streaming video consumes a large amount of data which not every WiFi connection can facilitate or support.


My campsite WiFi is slow, will your product help?

If the reason why the WiFi is slow is because you have a poor connection between your location and the campsite transmitter then a WiFi booster will assist you with that. If it is slow because the WiFi is over subscribed (too many people using it) or it is simply poor because of the equipment or broadband connection coming into the site then a WiFi booster will not overcome these factors.

Does using a WiFi antenna negatively effect others users of the WiFi system?

Using a WiFi booster does not effect the ability of others to be able to connect to the campsite WiFi system. A common misconception is that WiFi is like smoke and a WiFi antenna will ‘draw’ that single from other users, which simply isn’t true. In addition many commercial campsites employ traffic shaping to ensure that all connected users receive the same amount of the available bandwidth and even remove users who have a poor connection as to protect the experience of others.

We however ask our customers to use the WiFi responsibility and consider if your activity (such as downloading large files) is negatively impacting others – especially on small sites with unmanaged, simple WiFi infrastructure.


iBoost FAQ

How easy is your iBoost WiFi systems to operate?

Very easy. If you can turn on your device (iPad, Laptop etc) and open a web page then you can use the iBoost.

What are the options for mounting my antenna?

The directional iBoost comes with a strong suction mount which often surprises our customers. Provided both the suction clamp and the intended surface are clean, and the pad is moistened a little before applying to a smooth surface, you should have no issue in attaching it firmly.

The directional antenna has a bracket which gives it 180 degrees of movement and can be mounted externally or internally facing out of a window. In addition the unit has a pole mount and can be secured using a cable tie or clip (not supplied).

The omni-directional antenna also comes with a pole mounting kit.

Is the system easy to setup? Even for a beginner?

The iBoost system is dispatched pre-configured by us and so initial setup by you is kept to a minimum. Having sold a great number of iBoost systems to customers with a huge range of abilities, we are confident that the system is easy to use. Once you are familiar with the system you can be up and running in just a couple of minutes!

The trick is to follow the instructions exactly as written the first time and take your time. We write the supplied instruction leaflet ourselves and are of course on hand should you struggle at any stage of the setup.

If I use a connection like Caravan Club or FON with a web login (a captive portal) can I still use my iBoost?

Yes, you can. Just connect to the hotspot as normal without placing a password into the iBoost as the network will likely be unsecured. Once connected, attempt to navigate to or another web page and the captive portal will load in its place.

How do I connect my device, such as an iPad, to the iBoost?

The iBoost generates a local secure hotspot, the password for which is printed on the underside of the internal router. Once connected, your device will likely remember the network and connect automatically when in range.

How many devices can I use at the same time?

The iBoost will support upto 99 concurrently connected devices.

How much power does the iBoost draw?

In EU power mode, where the WiFi is as powerful as permitted by law in the EU, the iBoost takes just 1A @ 12v.

Does the iBoost have any wired LAN connections? Can I use my network hard drive / printer?

Yes, the iBoost has one LAN socket to connect another device to your internal network. This network functions like any other and so you can use a network printer or hard drive even without an external internet connection.

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