About WiFi

Having spent 320 days travelling around Europe and trying to run a business, we understand first hand how important it can be to get online while you are away.

If you have been away with your Laptop or especially an iPad you will probably have struggled with the same things we did on our earlier trips in 2007 – a poor or non-existent WiFi signal. There is a good reason for this, since the wireless receiver in our laptops and tablets are only meant to be used in relatively close proximity to the source of the signal often as low as 50-100 meters.

Amplify the WiFi signals around you

You probably don’t realise it but there are a great number of WiFi signals as close as a kilometer around you and with a WiFi booster fitted with a high-gain antenna you can reach out to those signals which simply weren’t visible to your devices before. These could be community WiFi projects or other open and accessible networks to which you can connect to and get online. Many, of course, will be locked – but we found that once identified as a Cafe or Bar you could gain access for the price of a Coffee and nip back to the privacy of the ‘van later to enjoy full access!

External and Weatherproof

The key to obtaining these signals, in our experience, is a weatherproof external antenna which is mounted outside of your caravan or motorhome. This has the benefit of removing the shielding effects of your vehicle and giving you the necessary height and clearance in order to have a better chance of obtaining a line of sight to the origin of the signal.

Omni Directional or Directional?


An Omni Directional antenna has the advantage of being incredibly easy to setup as once it is mounted in a high position (preferably high enough for a clear line of sight in all directions) there is very little adjustment required.

The range can be over 1km depending on terrain and environmental conditions and is usually more than adequate for connecting to nearby WiFi when parked in the vicinity of the hot spot.  The trade off is that the signal is being sent in all directions and is not being concentrated at the source.

A directional antenna has the benefit of focusing a narrow beam of energy in one direction and thus massively increasing the possible distance you can achieve a connection over. The trade off for this is that a little more time is required to manually rotate the antenna through 360 degrees and connect to the desired hotspot.

Check out our iBoost systems which work with all of your devices such as laptops, ipads, tablets and smart phones.

Check out our new 4G MiFi Device which is great for when WiFi is not available, the MiFi is fully unlocked so simply choose a SIM card of your choice. Add an External 4G Antenna for the best possible 3/4G signal or why not try a Window Mounted Antenna for a temporary fitting and ease of use.

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