About WiFi

This Page explains the differences between WiFi and 3/4G Mobile Broadband

Having spent 320 days travelling around Europe and trying to run a business, we understand first hand how important it can be to get online while you are away.

When at home we take the internet for granted, but away in our motorhome or caravan getting online in the UK and Europe isn’t always as straightforward. Tablets and smartphones are setup for an ‘always on’ internet connection and when that can’t be provided often they don’t work as we’d like.

What you use your device(s) for and how often you use them will determine what sort of connection method might be the most suitable for you. Your usage may change when you venture abroad, you might become more dependent on an internet connection for travel research or simply to stay in touch with family and friends.


What is it?

WiFi is the most common and simplest way to obtain a connection and one that we are most familiar with. Most campsites have a WiFi provision but the quality, cost and availability of that connection will vary greatly. Sites in rural locations or busy sites may have a very slow connection, others might have lots of trees and obstacles meaning you can’t always get a connection on your pitch.

If you’re not on a campsite your proximity to other buildings might mean you can benefit from one of over 17,000,000 FON connections (see http://tinyurl.com/fonwifi). There may even be a connection available from civic space or library or even a café or bar you can get the password from in exchange for a drink.

What do you need?

While almost all devices have a built-in WiFi capability, one issue you will likely come across when obtaining WiFi is your distance to a source. Your device was designed to work in a home or office and not across fields or streets and so to get online you’re probably going to have to get out on foot.

A WiFi booster can help here by increasing the range from which you can receive a connection from meaning you could stay within the comfort of your van. It’s worth remembering however, that although it could give you a faster connection if the bottleneck was between you and the source of the signal, it won’t make much difference if the site WiFi is oversubscribed.

Product Spotlight

The iBoost system both increases the range and quality from which a WiFi signal can be received. It’s powered from 12v and connects wirelessly to your devices. The Directional version is the best performing, most popular and the best value at £159.99.

Mobile Broadband

What is it?

Mobile Broadband is an internet connection via the mobile phone network. As mobile data coverage has increased and European roaming charges have reduced, we’ve seen more and more customers considering a mobile broadband option. This is a more reliable connection than WiFi but since you are paying for data you need to be mindful of your usage to avoid additional charges or your device suddenly stopping working.

4G coverage is increasing rapidly and all of our devices are 4G ready, but also work on 3G.

Product Spotlight

We’ve made getting connected via 3G and 4G Mobile Broadband even easier with our 4G Packs.

Our best selling 4G Pack 1 and 4G Pack 2 combine everything you need in one package for a tidy temporary or permanent installation in your vehicle.

The 4G Pack 1 has a temporary suction mounted window 4G MIMO antenna. If the idea of mounting an antenna outside is not feasible or practical, then this compact 4G antenna is a great alternative. The antenna is supplied with suction cups and two clips so can be easily mounted inside your motorhome, caravan or lodge for an improved 3G/4G connection with greater speeds achievable. The antenna is ideal for enhancing reception for mobile data as well as voice calls over the internet. Combined with the latest generation 4G MiFi means you will get the best performance inside your vehicle with the benefit of being able to put the MiFi in your pocket to take out and about.

Our 4G Pack 2 has all the benefits of Pack 1, but Pack 2 includes our low profile 3/4G roof antenna for the best performance. At just 62mm high (2.4”) the roof antenna sits lower than your skylights. The underside consists of a non-permeable 3M adhesive foam pad and an adjustable threaded internal brace, through which the cables travel, for a totally weatherproof installation. The antenna is available in Black or White and an optional fitting kit is available to allow fitment on panel van conversions with a louvered roof. Ideally fitted above a roof locker or wardrobe, in which the MiFi device can be mounted, making an invisible installation of your Internet solution.

Feel free to Contact Us if you wish to discuss your connectivity requirements further. 
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